How To Change PHP version for your domain in Plesk?

Plesk provides full support for the PHP scripting language, including support for multiple PHP versions and handler types out of the box. This topic explains how Plesk customers can manage PHP settings for their domains and subdomains from the Customer Panel.

Note: You may only be able to manage some of the settings described below, or none at all, depending on your Windows Hosting plan settings. If you need to manage PHP settings that are unavailable to you, contact your [email protected]

How To Change PHP version for your domain or subdomain in Plesk Control Panel:

  1. Login To Plesk Control Panel.
  2. Go to Websites & Domains.
  3. Locate the name of the domain or subdomain you wish to change the PHP version for.
  4. Click on PHP settings.
    PHP Settings
  5. Then select the desired PHP version from the menu:
    Select PHP Version
  6. If the desired PHP version is missing from the menu, contact your HostJelly Technical Support.
  7. Click OK
Note: that different PHP versions are not 100% compatible. A website written in PHP 5.3 may not function correctly if you configure PHP version 5.4 for the domain. If you are not sure what PHP version to choose, use the default setting or the latest version available. If your website is not displaying correctly, switch to a different PHP version.

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